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trailriders association

If your group supports the Aims and Objectives of the TrailRiders Association and promotes our 3 R's then your group can become affiliated to the TrailRiders Association and enjoy the associated benefits .

When you affiliate your group to the TrailRiders Association you open yourself up to a whole range of benefits. These are constantly growing and include the following:-

What We Do For Your group

  1. Provide support, guidance  and material on the things you need to operate and run a successful group (Group constitution templates, legal requirements, administration, etc). This is important to protect individuals and members alike.
  2. Provide tools and support to
    • publish your own group newsletter 
    • member email distribution (includes such things as subscription opt out, valid membership checking)
    • Raise funds through a crowd funding tool without paying fees giving a saving of 5% against Just Giving charges
  3. Promotion and administrative support for your group events that includes all booking and payment administration with attendance lists and reserve attendee management.
  4. Provide online sign up for your group members with the revenue passed back to your group
    • You choose how your money is spent
  5. Provide a network for peer support that includes forum tools
  6. Working with professionals
    • to develop guidance and strategy in support of the aims and objectives
    • to determine the most effective strategy for maximum benefit of TrailRiders members
  7. We provide governance and professionalism to ensure that trail riders interests are recognised and best represented
    • Membership of appropriate bodies that represent our interests ( LARA - GLASS - SRA - BMF - details to be confirmed)
    • Representation with authorities (details to be confirmed)
  8. Fund Raising
    • Undertake awareness campaigns
    • coordinate fund raising activities
    • crowd funding tools and support at no cost
  9. Provide insurance cover (details to be confirmed)
  10. Developing ROW support network
  11. Centralised administration
    • effective and efficient
    • very low overhead and operational costs
    • professional service
    • Manage your group membership
    • provide you with a group email using the domain
  12. We coordinate strategic activities for the benefit of TrailRiders between our member groups
  13. We aim to provide a singular and coordinated representation for all TrailRiders


  1. What is a group? 
    • A group is what you make it. It could be defined by a geographical area. Or it could be a specialist interest group such as Adventure bikes. It could also be a particular brand of motorbike such as KTM. Or it could be focused around an activity such a Bunk Barn Weekends. As you can see, groups can be very diverse and inclusive. Ultimately it is something that you define, and it's what works for you. The one thing all our groups have in common is they support the TrailRiders Association and enjoy the benefits of being affiliated.
  2. What do we want from you? 
    • Organise the social aspect of trail riding,
    • Identify how monies can be best spent locally for best impact,
    • Raise money to support the good causes and strategic activities as and when they are promoted - It is your money, and you can choose which promoted activities are supported.
    • Promote the 3 R's 
To find out more information please contact us directly to discuss how you can be part of the TrailRiders community

All information contained on this website is for the exclusive use of the TrailRiders Association and copyright protection is claimed.

Trail Riders Association is a non-profit organisation. 

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